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Birthdays With Quintuplets

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Birthdays are such a special time, especially for kids.  I have always loved backyard parties, and with Mark’s birthday in April and our quintuplets in October, we usually have good weather for them.  With typically around 75-100 people at each party, Bill cooks a barbeque dinner, and we set up a bouncy house, a kids’ activity table with a craft, coloring pages and cookie decorating, and enjoy time with friends and family celebrating the day.

Every birthday is an exciting time to let someone know you are glad they were born; however with our quintuplets (and probably any high risk birth) there has been such a huge sense of blessing.  We are aware that it is not the norm to have five healthy quintuplets and are grateful every day, but their birthday always brings that to the forefront of my mind.  It is amazing to watch them run, play and interact together.

While we do one birthday party for all five (at least for now), we always try to celebrate each of them individually.  We sing happy birthday to each one individually and let them blow out their candles.  The looks on their faces are absolutely priceless!  This year was their third birthday, and they “got it” much more than last year.  They understood when it was their turn and were very excited!  With them in pre-school this year, they each got to have a birthday celebration in their classrooms too.  They selected a treat to take; some were the same and some were different.  Mark, Becca and Ali all chose rice krispie treats, David and Kate picked yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and John selected chocolate chip cookies.  I love watching their personalities, both similarities and differences, emerge more and more each year.   My favorite thing from this year’s birthday was listening to them sing happy birthday to each other for several weeks.

We have taken Mark to a Japanese hibachi restaurant for his past two birthdays, and this year we went as a whole family for our quintuplets’ birthday.  We take up a whole hibachi table, and it is such a fun dinner!  They had a great time watching the “silly chef” do tricks and the food was great.  I think that may become an annual tradition for us.

Pictures are taken frequently in our house, but it is rare to have Bill or me in them.  We have tried to be very deliberate in taking some pictures with parents.  On Mother’s Day, each child gets a picture with me, on Father’s Day with Bill and on their birthday with both of us.  That way everyone gets a picture with each parent and with both parents at least once per year.

Life has changed so much over the past few years.  We are so grateful for all six of our children and incredibly blessed that they are healthy!  We also feel so fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who are involved in our lives.  We look forward to many more birthday celebrations.

Mark's First Birthday

Mark Second BirthdayMark’s Second Birthday

Mark's Third Birthday

Mark's Fourth Birthday

Quints First Birthday

Quints Second Birthday

Quints Third Birthday


Individual Personalities

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One-on-one time is not easy to come by in our house.  Over the past couple of months, I have gotten to take each of the kids on a one-on-one outing. They have had individual outings in the past to go to the grocery store or run errands occasionally, but for these, they got to pick something fun that they wanted to do. John, Becca and David all chose to ride the trolley, play at a local splash pad and have lunch at Grimaldi’s Pizza. Ali and Kate chose to eat at Crust Pizza then play at the local Children’s Museum. Mark picked to go to Incredible Pizza to have lunch, play games, bowl and race go carts. They all had a great time getting to have all of Mommy’s attention, and I got to play with them more since I wasn’t counting children!

Their eyes lit up when it was their turn, and they would talk about it for days before and for weeks after!  They do almost everything together, and we usually go on outings as a whole group.  They fight some, but they are playing together more and more, and I love listening to the conversations they have with each other.  While there are many ways that they are similar and that most of life so far has been lived as a group, they each have such distinct personalities, and it was really fun getting to spend extra time with them!

John can be reserved in a group and is excellent at independent play.  He learns by observation and tends to wait to try something until he has watched someone else do it for awhile.  When he does try new things, he usually masters them very quickly because he has observed.  John was the last to potty train but by far the easiest.  He waited until he was ready and then did it.  He is confident to go into new situations, but he will hold back and isn’t usually the one to answer questions if we are talking as a whole family.  When we went to lunch, he talked my ear off.  It was great getting to hear everything he wanted to say!

John Splashin' on the Splash Pad

Becca is very confident in what she wants.  She is extremely loving and gives lots of hugs and kisses, but she will also tell her siblings exactly what she thinks they should be doing at any given moment.  I joke that she is going to be a hoarder someday since she collects everything in a room, makes a big pile of stuff, and claims it as her own.  She loves baby dolls and playing with the dollhouse and acts like a mommy, but she is also one of the first to play in the dirt and run around outside.  She grinned from ear to ear the entire time we were out, but she was quieter.

Becca on the Trolley

Ali is very sweet.  She is shy and can be a little overwhelmed with new places and people, but she always tries new things anyway even when she looks terrified.  She is determined to master whatever she tries and has the patience to try something over and over until she gets it.  We have a letter game on the refrigerator, and she was the first to learn all the letters and sounds.  She would stand by the fridge with that game and repeat everything over and over.  She liked going to the Children’s Museum for her outing because she got to do so many of the activities we don’t do with a whole group.  She loves art, and we sat and colored, played with play dough and did crafts.  While we do those things at home, it is hard to do that at the museum when I have all six kids with me.

Ali at the Museum

David is rough and tumble in the way he plays but is a teddy bear at heart.  He is so sweet and when siblings are upset, he will often find something that they want or give them a hug to try to cheer them up.  David is super cuddly.  He thinks (or maybe wishes!) that he is four and tries very hard to hang with Mark and his friends.  He is often the first to try something new.  He gets very frustrated when he can’t do something but will continue to work at it until he gets it and won’t let anyone help him.  His smile can brighten any rough day for me.

David on the Splash Pad

Kate is a very contented child.  I am not saying that she doesn’t throw any fits, and she can definitely throw good ones!  However, she has a very gentle spirit.  She loves to play with siblings and friends, but she will also play for a long time by herself.  She has very good concentration and will sit and do puzzles or another activity for quite awhile.  I think my favorite thing about Kate is that she is often singing.  She frequently just bursts into song wherever she is.  Kate seems to be very carefree and enjoys life.

Kate at the Museum

Mark has been an amazing big brother.  It can be hard for any child to adjust to a new sibling at home, and he had five new siblings when he was 18 months old!  He has handled it so well right from the start.  He is patient with them, plays with them, helps them and is my special helper.  He especially likes getting to teach them new things.

Mark MiniGolf

I love how our family has melded together as one unit, and yet I really enjoy seeing how different each individual person is!

Transitioning to Solid Food

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Transitioning a baby from breastmilk and/or formula to “real food” can be exciting and sometimes a little intimidating.  Mark started solids at six months, and our quintuplets started around five and a half months.  We opted to make all of our own baby food instead of purchasing pre-made jars.  Mark’s first food was banana which was really easy!  I mashed it on his high chair tray and let him touch it and eat it on his fingers.  For him, we added avocado, cereal, fruits and veggies, grains and eventually meats.  With our quintuplets, we started with rice cereal and added applesauce very quickly.  I had heard that cereal can cause constipation in infants, so we always mixed it with a fruit or vegetable.  I would think that helped the taste too.  Making baby food was much easier than I thought it would be.  For soft fruits like pears and peaches, I pealed them and put them in a food processor.

Mark Feeding John

For most veggies and harder fruits, I peeled them if necessary then cooked (usually steamed or baked) them and put them in a food processor.  Doing it this way, I could control the texture.  At the beginning, I blended it to be very smooth then increased the texture as they got older.  When we started meats, I would add water or broth from cooking to get a good texture.  Very shortly after adding meats, I would make meals and put those in the food processor too.  The favorite two were pot roast with carrots and potatoes and chicken and rice with peas.  When Mark was a baby, I would make big batches of different types of food then freeze them in ice cube trays.  When frozen, I would put the cubes in labeled baggies or tupperware and just pull out what I needed for that day.  Our quintuplets ate enough that I never froze any.  I would use one big bowl of food and one spoon and go down the line.

I am a believer in the philosophy that kids learn by touching and trying things.  We were never very neat!  As soon as they were able to feed themselves, almost everything became a finger food.  Around ten months old, they ate almost everything that we did and fed it to themselves.  I knew I needed to scrub the table and mop after each feeding, but it was worth it to have them becoming

Family Spaghetti Night

more independent and learning.

David Fun with Spaghetti!

When they were little, the kids wore bibs, but they quickly learned how to take those off.  I safety pinned them on for a short time, but the bibs tore from that.  I tried feeding them in just a diaper, but we found that then we had to sponge bathe all the kids after meals too.  What worked best for us was putting an old, stained, larger shirt on over their clothes.  It didn’t matter if it got more stained, and we just threw them in the wash each day.

Bill and I really wanted to sit as a family for dinner as often and as early as we could.  When Mark was old enough to “sit” in a bumbo, he sat in that on the table with a toy during meals.  When he was in a high chair, we put it at the table with us and gave him toys or cheerios until he was old enough to actually eat with us.  We used a four seater feeding table for our quintuplets with a booster seat pulled up next to it.  When we were just feeding the kids, we put Mark’s booster at it too and fed them or let them eat.  When Bill and I were eating with them, we set up a card table next to the feeding table where we would sit with Mark.  When we outgrew the feeding table, we bought a utility table and all sat at that with the kids in booster seats.

Snackin' card table and boosters!

We still sit at that only they don’t use booster seats any more.  I know this table does not go with the decor of the house, but it is awesome with kids!  They color, glue, use playdough, etc., and I am never worried about the furniture.

Traveling with Quintuplets!

 - by Take5

Traveling with children can always be a challenge, but traveling with 6 kids (within 18 months of age!) provides extra logistical challenges.  We don’t travel a lot, but we have taken several trips.  We have driven several hours, driven 17 and a half hours, and taken one trip by plane.  I am going to highlight a few favorites from different ages.

My in-laws are about a 4 hour drive from us, and this distance is a very manageable one!  Due to the quintuplets’ prematurity and flu / RSV season, we did not make this drive until they were about seven months old.  They had been sleeping through the night for several months by then, so we opted to drive at night.  We wanted to avoid stops, so we did their last feeding of the day, put them in jammies, and left in the evening.  Our hope was that they would sleep in the car and then transfer to their beds when we arrived without messing with their schedule too much.  They lost a little more sleep than I hoped for, but it worked pretty well.  We were there well before midnight, so Bill and I didn’t lose much sleep either!  I thought this was a great age to visit people!  They weren’t very mobile yet, so baby proofing wasn’t a huge deal.  They still primarily had formula, and we were able to pack very simple solids.  We made all of our food, and we were able to pick easy things at this age.  It was a huge help that my mother-in-law grocery shopped ahead of time with a list that I sent and was able to borrow some pack-n-plays so we didn’t have to pack six of them!  As they have gotten older, we prefer to make this drive in the afternoon.  If they take a nap, then they are extra rested for our visit; if not, it is no big deal.  Now that they aren’t in cribs, it is easier to put them to bed if they have seen where they are sleeping first.

When our quintuplets were 20 months old and Mark was just over 3, my parents and I rented a passenger van and took everyone to visit some of my family.

Sweet Ride!

Fun in the Van!

This was a 17 and a half hour drive!  We still didn’t let the kids watch any TV at this age; however, even if we allowed TV in the car, I think it would be tough.  Those vans are long, so whoever is in the back wouldn’t be able to see or hear, and I can picture the complaints.  This was a good age to travel too!  They could eat anything and could do most things themselves.  Mark was potty trained and could go for long periods, and the quints were not potty trained yet.  We packed breakfast, snacks and lunch which we fed them in the car, then we stopped after eating to stretch our legs at rest stops.

Stretch at the Rest Stop

Again, it was a huge help that my aunt grocery shopped ahead of time and had borrowed cribs and pack-n-plays for our visit.  She even had a twin bed for Mark to sleep in.  They didn’t nap well away from home.  We tried to plan outings such that the kids would fall asleep in the car for a catnap to get them through the day and then do a slightly earlier bedtime.  It worked pretty well.  The kids had a lot of fun on this trip!  They enjoyed meeting cousins, going to a family member’s farm, going out to eat at their first restaurant, etc.  It was a lot of work, and I am not trying to downplay that, but it was fun at this age!  This trip was very special to me.  We had made this drive when Mark was a baby so that my grandmother could meet him.  We were excited to see a lot of family there, but I was most excited about my grandmother meeting our quintuplets and seeing Mark again.  We had debated waiting another year.  She passed away last February, and it really reminds me not to wait to do things!  I am so grateful that we made this trip and that we have the pictures of her with the kids!


This past June, my parents, Bill and I took the kids on our first airplane ride as a family!

Cannot Wait To Get Onboard!

Check Out The Plane!

I must say that this was a whole new world for me!  I flew once with Mark when he was just over nine months old, but that was my only flight with a child let alone children!  With my parents along, we had four adults and six children, which I thought was a great ratio!  Getting through security was the part that I was most nervous about.


I wasn’t sure if the kids would want to walk by themselves or if they would be intimidated by all the people and gadgets. They were fine. They lined up behind me, and we played “follow the leader” right through. The people at security were great! They gave the kids high fives as they went through and were really friendly with them.  I had packed notepads, crayons, stickers, books, baby dolls, stuffed animals and few other goodie type toys for them to play with. They enjoyed discovering everything in their back packs during the flight, although they might have been most entertained by going potty!  In many ways, this trip was the easiest we have taken.  The kids are all potty trained, will eat anything, are flexible with their schedule, and can do many things like dressing themselves.  The only thing that was especially challenging this trip was sleep.  The kids all shared a room with sleeping bags which was great!

Snuggle Time in Sleeping Bags!

We didn’t nap them at all on the trip hoping they would be tired and sleep at night, but sharing a room with six sleeping bags is really exciting!  It took awhile to settle most nights, but they had a good time and seemed to play fine during the days even with less sleep.  Again, my family made the trip so much easier grocery shopping ahead of time, borrowing carseats and a mini-van, and having lots of kids stuff like toys and play dough!  We had a great time!


While traveling with a big family can present different logistical challenges, we are definitely looking forward to our next trip, wherever it may be!

Quintuplets Are Born!

 - by Take5

During my singleton pregnancy, my husband Bill and I took various classes: childbirth, infant care, etc.  I felt prepared and ready to have a baby!  However, I somehow came away thinking that all women experienced Braxton Hicks contractions at least once.  (These are contractions that are not real labor.)  So when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning one Thursday having contractions, I thought these were my Braxton Hicks.  I didn’t even bother to wake my husband figuring that he had to go to work that day while I could take a nap later.  So I sat on the couch and watched TV and somewhat tracked the contractions.  Around 7 that morning, I noticed that they did seem like they were getting close together and decided to wake Bill up.  Now I am normally a very organized, responsible person who is on top of things.  However, at this point, my contractions were between 4 and 5 minutes apart, and I was still convinced that I was not in real labor; however, my husband was equally convinced that I was!  We called the doctor’s office.  Since I seemed calm and not in extreme pain, they said to come in when their office opened.  That was fine with me because I wanted to have breakfast and clean the kitchen.  Although Bill was nervous about taking extra time, he agreed and those things were accomplished.  He did draw the line and said no when I wanted to vacuum the whole house though!  So we left for the doctor’s office (house un-vacuumed!).  I was still calm, walking fine and in relatively little pain.  The nurse hooked me up to the monitor and said I would probably be awhile.  When the doctor came to examine me, he determined that I was already 8 cm dilated and completely effaced!  (Ten cm dilated is when they have you start pushing.) 

 We walked over to the hospital and got checked in.  I was still doing well, but I was VERY scared that I would be too far along to get an epidural.  They said we still had time, and the anesthesiologist came to the room and did the epidural.  My parents came to the hospital to be with us.  A little after 2 that afternoon, the doctor said it was time.  I pushed for 12 minutes and out came our beautiful 8 pound blessing!  Mark William was born on Thursday, April 26, 2007, perfect and healthy and we couldn’t have been happier! 

Mom and Dad with Baby Mark

 Fast forward 18 months.  At 33 weeks pregnant with quintuplets, my body had given all it could give to carrying five precious babies.  My OB, Dr. Kirshon, said we needed to deliver at this point, and Baby A’s water broke.  Even though average delivery for quintuplets is 27 and a half weeks and we had been told that at 33 weeks odds were very good that the babies would all be healthy, I was still really nervous!  It just didn’t feel like it should be time yet!  They were still so small, but we trusted the doctors to take care of me and them.  I had felt pretty bad the night before, but I didn’t want to tell Bill and have him come to the hospital because I was afraid that would make everyone around me push for delivery.  When my contractions increased in intensity and quantity and then my water broke, the doctors were moving pretty fast.  It was an hour drive from our house to the hospital without traffic, and I was concerned Bill wouldn’t make it in time.  My parents went to our house to watch Mark, and Bill rushed to the hospital and made it before I went into the OR.  A lot of the delivery day was a blur for me. 

 By this point in the pregnancy, the only clothing I fit in was the extra large hospital gown, so I was already dressed and ready to go.  They moved me to the delivery area and prepped everything. Bill put on scrubs and met me in the OR.  He stood by my head and talked with me and took pictures.  The nurse anesthetist was awesome!  He was also by my head and talked to us and explained things which was very calming.  He also took our birth video! 

Phillips Quintuplets are Born

The OB broke each water one at a time and handed each baby off to be taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to be examined.  There were at least 20 people involved in this process.  All five babies were born in about a minute and a half!  All were examined and found to be extremely healthy which meant that each baby could be brought back into the OR so that I could see them.  I even got to hold John! 

Mom and Dad with Baby John

The NICU has different levels.  Level 3 is what most people think of when they hear the term, and it is a high tech area where the doctors and nurses can deal very quickly with just about any problem that arises.  Level 2 is often nicknamed “feed and grow.”  In level 2, babies are monitored, they might need oxygen, and they probably need feeding help, but they don’t require as much attention as is needed in the higher level. 

Babies get a check-up in the NICU

 All five of our babies were immediately downgraded to level 2 after being examined!  What an amazing blessing for us!  Our quintuplets were born on Saturday, October 25, 2008, at 11:03 and 11:04 am.  John Daniel was 3 lbs 3 oz, Rebecca Jenne was 4 lbs 1 oz, Alison Marie was 3 lbs 12 oz, David James was 4 lbs 12 oz, and Katelyn Elizabeth was 4 lbs.  We were overjoyed to have them here and healthy! Our next concern would be getting me back into shape after spending so long in bed and getting them healthy and home.