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Making Meals Fun with Quintuplets!

 - by Take5

My kids are all very good eaters!  There are lots of theories on whether to make kids eat, let them refuse, give them alternatives, etc., and I think every family finds what works best for them and their situation.  We  try to offer a healthy variety at each meal.  We don’t require that they eat anything, but to get seconds of anything, they have to finish all of the things on their plates.  I purposefully don’t put a lot of things that I know are not favorites.

Making Pizza

We have three meals per day plus one or two snacks.  (Sometimes we miss the afternoon snack.)   We do not offer food in between these, so the kids learned pretty early that they didn’t have to finish their dinner, but they would wait to eat again until breakfast.

People often ask me how much food we go through.  My kids enjoy eating!  At breakfast, the kids will eat either a whole box of cereal plus about a half gallon of milk, 20 pancakes, 15 pieces of French toast, six cups of oatmeal, or 15 eggs with six pieces of toast.  We give milk with each meal and typically go through about a gallon per day.  Lunches vary a lot, but they will eat four to eight PB&J sandwiches, as well as fruit and sometimes a veggie. 

Making Dinner

Dinner could be 18 tacos, a 9×13 casserole, two pounds of meatballs along with spaghetti and sauce, two (or more) pounds of chicken (grilled or baked) with potatoes, 2 lbs of fish with rice, or many other options, and dinner always includes a fruit and vegetable, and I have started adding a bread side to fill them up!  I am amazed how much they eat, and it kind of scares me to think of the teenage years!

I really enjoy getting to eat outside the home.  From an early age, we went on lots of picnics, sometimes at a park and sometimes just in the backyard.  While we go out to eat some, it is not a frequent activity.  I think that actually makes it easier!  Since it is a special treat, the kids are really good!  We always pick kid friendly restaurants with our favorites serving pizza, Mexican food, or a variety of food where we get bread or chips early to give them something to snack on.

The kids love helping me cook, and I try to involve them as often as I can.  I divide the ingredients into either six or 12 portions, so everyone gets to add something the same number of times.  Sometimes that means I split one ingredient and two people add it (two half cups of flour instead of one cup).  Everyone enjoys stirring!  Their favorite two things to make are banana bread and “yogurt pops,” which are yogurt, almond milk and honey frozen as a popsicle.