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Kelly Phillips Family

The Phillips Family

My name is Kelly Phillips, and I am a wife and mother of six.

My husband, Bill, and I met while attending Texas A&M University and were married in May 2001. After several years of marriage, we decided to start a family. On April 26, 2007, we were blessed with our first son, Mark. His delivery was as normal and easy as possible, and he was a great baby! As we approached his first birthday, we decided to try to have another one. Very soon after that, we found out we were expecting five! Quintuplets!

While there were many thoughts of the huge blessing these babies would be, these were accompanied by concerns about the pregnancy and the babies’ health prior to and after delivery. This pregnancy was very different from the first. While I was active while pregnant with Mark all the way up until delivery, this second pregnancy required much more rest. I was seven weeks pregnant with the quintuplets when Mark turned one, which added an extra challenge of caring for and entertaining him. During this pregnancy, the diet was different, the activity level allowed was lower, the risks were higher, etc.

We opted to see a specialist, Dr. Kirshon, in the Medical Center and decided that we would have the babies delivered and cared for at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. A normal pregnancy with one baby is considered full term at 40 weeks, but average delivery for quintuplets is between 27 and 28 weeks. While we hoped to make it as long as possible, we knew the challenge that would be.

I was admitted to The Woman’s Hospital of Texas at 29 weeks pregnant due to pre-term labor. The medical staff was able to get the contractions under control, but I stayed in the hospital until the babies were delivered at 33 weeks. We were blessed with three girls and two boys: John, Becca, Ali, David and Kate. We are so grateful that, despite a few bumps along the way, they were born healthy and have continued to be so!

Today we have six active, healthy children who keep Bill and me on our toes every day! Mark turned 4 this week, and our quintuplets are 2 ½.

Join me as we share our journey!

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