Worth the Wait

Cindy Sanz

“It was important to choose The Woman’s Hospital for my care because a multiples pregnancy requires careful attention.”

In the last few months of pregnancy with my twins, I ended up on bed rest in the Woman’s AntePartum unit. The antepartum nurses held my hand when it needed to be held and encouraged me when I needed to be encouraged. Their love and warmth was as important as their skill.

I was hospitalized for nearly two months, but the staff members and physicians made a difference in my life becoming part of my extended family. I could always count on them to cheer me on. My husband was involved with my treatment from the first day I was hospitalized.

All of the medical decisions that were made were made as a team– my husband, my doctor and me. A multiples pregnancy with complications triggers fear and worry. There are so many unknowns. Yet, there is so much to hope for.

It can be hard to stay strong when days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months when you’re hospitalized. No emotion comes close to the emotion you feel the day your child is born.

The Woman’s Hospital is known for its quality care. Many mothers have told me about its dedication to women and babies– and that is what I experienced here.

Cindy Sanz

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