Care Confirmed

Melanie Lowther

“As a first-time mom, no one ever made me feel like I was asking a stupid question.”

Today, I feel so fortunate to have a healthy child, and I credit the physicians and staff at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas for that.

I had been put on bed rest by Dr. Zimino, but when it came time to deliver, Dr. Samuels was there to help. On December 15, Ellis Anne, our only child, was born. At first, she was having trouble breathing on her own, so she went straight to the Transition NICU. But after a couple hours of monitoring, she was doing much better and got to come back to my room for some mommy-baby time.

The postpartum nurses were very nice and always ensured I had everything I needed to be comfortable. And the nursery nurses were awesome. Really, the entire delivery of care was wonderful. As a first-time mom, no one ever made me feel like I was asking a stupid question.

My step-mom, a nurse herself, flew in from Miami to surprise us. In a very sweet way, looking out for me, she’d listen to a nurse’s answer then look at me and confirm, “Yep, that’s right.”

Ellis Anne is now four months old, and she’s doing great—interacting with her surroundings, testing boundaries, smiling, and giggling. She’s even starting to roll over. The entire experience has been such a blessing.

Melanie Lowther

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