By My Side

Kathryn Tran

“Those ladies were always right by my side.”

On June 12, 2010, I had a healthy baby boy at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas—my second child, named Aidan Tran. Dr. Carrie Ball was my OB, and we had developed a birth plan that made me feel confident. But at 37 weeks, when I unexpectedly went into labor early, I began to worry.

At the hospital, staff informed me that another physician would have to help me deliver. Not the news I wanted to hear. But as I began to settle in and focus on the task at hand, everything fell into place. The nurses were wonderful and stayed with me in the room the entire time. I had given birth to my first child at another hospital, and my husband constantly had to leave me alone in the room to go track down a nurse. But not at Woman’s. Those ladies were always right by my side.

My labor began that afternoon, and by late evening, my baby boy was here. Physicians recommended he first go to the NICU, but they still gave us a chance to form that initial bond. Eight hours later, he was deemed healthy and sent back to my room, where we snuggled and met family members who had come to see him.

All in all, we were in the hospital for three days. I was in a private room the entire time, the food was good, and my son benefitted from the best care I could ever imagine. If our family ever decides to have another child, you can bet his or her first days will be spent at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas.

Kathryn Tran

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