From One to Four

Heather Elmore

“Some people preach about service and customer appreciation. Woman’s lives it.”

I had both my daughter and my triplet daughters at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas. I would not go to any other hospital to deliver a baby. Woman’s Hospital does babies and, in my opinion, they do them the best. Why would you go anywhere else? I had a birth where my baby went home with me after three days and another where the babies stayed in the NICU for two weeks. Both times I was treated with respect and like a new mommy, not just another patient. It makes perfect sense. If I had a cardiac issue, I would go to the hospital that focuses on cardiac care. Woman’s does babies and they do it the best. I didn’t want a “jack-of-all-trades” but an “expert in one.”

The other great part about my care was how included my whole family was with each of the births. The location of Woman’s Hospital is not intimidating for family members who are not familiar with the medical center. It is very easy to get to and that is important when you take advantage of the great classes that Woman’s offers. One of the best was the siblings’ class. My daughter got a “big sister” party with cake and juice in my hospital room so she felt like she was part of the experience. So important when a lot of special attention is on the newborns!

I chose Woman’s because of the number of deliveries they do each year, the expertise of the doctors and nurses, the level of NICU care in case of any expected or unexpected emergencies, and the convenience of location. But most importantly, I chose Woman’s because I really believe they care about me and my family and they’ve been the best for 35 years. Who could ask for more?

Heather Elmore

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