The First


Catherine Delaney

“Together, we created a miracle."

I’m proud to say that 35 years ago, I was the first woman to ever have a baby at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. But it wasn’t as easy as just walking in the doors and pushing. Not for me.

For a long time I had tried to get pregnant. And when I finally did, it came to a point when Dr. Lotze recommended that I stay on permanent bed rest. He was the expert, and I followed his orders. Finally, on the day it was time to push, the hospital had opened its doors for only a matter of hours.

The experience was so different from what my friends had described when they had babies. At Woman’s, it wasn’t some cold, assembly line of babies. The room was lovely, they brought me the most delicious cinnamon bagels, and all the nurses treated me like one of the girls. They were serious about the care they provided, and very professional, but they knew this would be the greatest day of my life, so they wanted to make it fun and memorable.

The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, Dr. Lotze, and his team of wonderful people—especially the nurses—saved my life and saved Kate’s life. Together, we created a miracle. And today, she’s 35, she’s gorgeous, she’s accomplished so much, including having two children of her own.

Catherine Delaney

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